Customer Testimonials

Expert Sewing

I can without reservation recommend the expert sewing at Evansville Sewing Center. The alterations have always been done professionally and Michele is able to work wonders with clothing.
~ Charlotte W, Boonville IN

Large or Small

There isn't anything large or small that Michele can't repair or alter.
~ Marcia H, Evansville IN

Quick Resolution

I just wanted to thank you again for saving my leather jacket for me. If not for you, I would have shipped it off somewhere to be repaired or just purchased a new jacket. Your quick resolution was amazing! I will be telling the story of the amazing lady that saved my jacket for a while!
~ Mike S, Evansville IN


Michele has been altering my clothing for over 10 years. I am always especially impressed with how she tailors the waistbands of my blue jeans and dress pants. They look perfect, in fact, you would never know they have been altered. Michele is a skilled seamstress which is a real rarity these days. I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues and everyone sings her praises.
~ Mary W, Evansville IN

Great Job

What can I say? Michele does a great job!
~ Tom T, Evansville IN

Competitive Prices

Michele has been doing my alterations for about 10 years. She is patient with my sometimes overly nit picky requests and the quality of her work is outstanding! She is also very fairly priced compared with her competition. I recommend her regularly to my friends and colleagues who need their own alterations done!
~ Martha A, Evansville IN

Like New

A thousand thanks for fixing my favorite pair of blue jeans--they look like new!
~ Sandy C, Evansville IN

Hard-to-Fit Sizes

I would like to commend Michele, owner of Evansville Sewing Center, on the wonderful work she does in altering clothes to fit. I am petite and a hard-to-fit size, which makes it very difficult for me to buy clothes straight off the rack that are age appropriate and that actually fit me. I have found that my best alternative for a good fit is to have them altered. Michele at Evansville Sewing has been a God-send for me. I have been going to her for many years, and she alters my clothes to fit me perfectly. I totally trust her judgment and work; I have never been disappointed. Michele is honest and very knowledgeable on fashion, fit and how to make alterations flattering to each individual person. She's like a "What Not to Wear" television show host without all the drama! She really knows her stuff. So if you are having problems with your clothes fitting you properly or just need items hemmed or repaired, you might want to give Michele a call... you won't be disappointed!
~ Maggie G, Evansville IN

Perfectly Done

Life is easier knowing my alteration work is in the hands of Michele at Evansville Sewing Center. For well into ten years, I have been very fortunate to take all my alteration needs to Michele. I have always been able to pick up finished garments on the date promised and have never had a complaint. The work is always perfectly done.
~ Mary Rita J, Evansville IN

Quick and Convenient

As one of those men that doesn't want to waste time in an alteration shop, I must say it is a pleasure to take clothing to Michele knowing that I am correctly fit and the work is done quickly and as promised. Her shop is conveniently located with easy parking and you know you are going to be greeted with a smile and great conversation.
~ Don J, Evansville IN

Precise and Trust-Worthy

On-time, accurate, precise, and trust-worthy these words describe Michele. When I take her a very expensive dress, I know she will take good care of it and the job will be done right. I never have to worry about it.
~ Linda T, Evansville IN

Fit Perfectly

I tried on the pants that you altered for me and they fit perfectly. You did a fantastic job, the pants looked as if they came that way. Thank you, I will be back!
~ Mr. F, Evansville IN


After losing a seamstress we had been using for 15+ years, we walked into Evansville Sewing Center in search of a replacement. How lucky could we be to find Michele? She is even better than our previous seamstress! We entrust all our sewing needs to Michele, and have never been disappointed in any of her workmanship. Her craftsmanship is hard to find, and we plan to hold on to her as long as we can!
~ Wayne & Cynthia G, Evansville IN

Looked Great

Everything fit and looked great! I will be back!
~ Heather W, via Twitter

Creative Sewing

I've been a customer of Michele's for over 15 years... need I say more? Her work delivers quality, professional results -- every time and always with a smile. Even complicated, one of a kind problems are no problem for Michele's creative sewing.
~ Sharon K, Boonville IN

Good Advice

I needed measurements taken to submit to a website. Michele took them for free and also gave me some good advice about measurements and alterations. If I need anything altered, I will definitely return to Evansville Sewing Center!
~ Alexandra W, Evansville IN

Professional Manner

We have been doing business at Evansville Sewing Center for many years. Michele has a genuine talent for sewing and alterations. We appreciate her skills as well as her pleasant professional manner.
~ Mark & Judith H, Henderson KY

Simply the Best

Michele is simply the best at altering clothes that I have encountered. For years I took my clothes to a lady who owned a dry cleaning shop and when she retired I continued taking my clothes to her at her home. When she aged out of the alterations business I started taking them to a girl who had a shop in her home. Sadly both of them have passed away. In my experience, the seamstresses employed by local dry cleaners are usually hit or miss, part-time, uncertain quality and necessarily higher prices probably due to the cleaners getting a cut (no pun intended).

None of the above come even close to the quality and overall good alteration experience provided by Michele. I usually don't recommend anybody for anything, it is a sure way to have them let you down. However, I can recommend Michele without reservation. She is very efficient, knows what can be done and does it, and delivers a perfect job at a fair price every time.
~ Chuck S, Evansville IN